Invitation letter

We have honor to invite you to take part in



“M Y    C A R E E R  –  M Y    C H O I C E”

Fair will take place on 17 and 18  April in Nis, Serbia with support of local authority and with great interest from exhibitors from whole Serbia.

Nis is the second largest city in Serbia, and to him gravitates more than one-third of the population.Our experience from previous F​airs indicates that there is an interest of prospective students to study abroad, i.e. foreign universities which offer a different profile of education. Knowing the respectability of  university/college​from your country ​and potential interest from future students, your presentation ​at​ F​air of education “ My career –my choice “, would be a great honor to us.

On  F​air of education, along 50 high  ​schools and universities (state’s and private), a lot of companies which organize studies of foreign languages along work in foreign countries, will take participation.. Beside them, institutes and agencies which practice to learn students in skills like PR, marketing, management, computer science, foreign language schools and other additional types of education, will be participant of F​air.

Also in the time of duration of fair, in separately space will maintain round tables and tribunes with actual themes. That will add attention of media and public visitors from Nis and all region of south-east Serbia.

For schools and universities which don’t have residence in Nis, we gave possibility of organization of  presentations and distribution of propaganda materials in high schools which they have a point of interest. Such activity will allow​ future students to be informed in many ways with offers and program of education.

Already now,  four months before Fair, we have great support and interest from high school institutions from all around the country and their annunciations of participation on the fair.. We hope that interested prospective students have the opportunity to be, at the fair “My Career – My Choice” familiar with the conditions and opportunities about  study ​in​ your country​

We are at your disposal for any questions and suggestions

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